I think my goal has been to become a published author since I was seven, writing and illustrating a tiny book narrating my brother and I fighting against zombies. Later on, books began to influence what I wrote, and by the time I was in sixth grade, nobody could stop me. I crushed “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, along with titles like “Titan A.E.,” “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Harris and Me,” and “The Hatchet” series by Gary Paulsen. I devoured them, and then began to wonder how I could create my own worlds.

Regardless if every single main character I wrote about was named Chris and whether or not my stories were carbon copies of “Goosebumps,” I was on a path to early stardom – well, at least a path to alleviate boredom. I continued to read and write throughout middle school. Similar to many young writers’ lives, it was my escape. Having grown up a little, I broke into “Catcher in the Rye,” “1984,” “Catch 22,” “Slaughterhouse Five,” and anything I can grab by Stephen King.

In middle and high school, I developed an even deeper love for writing due to two amazing teachers – Mrs. Beebee and Mrs. Norton, both of them clinging happily to declining arts programs in schools. Their creative writing exercises and daily journal requirements spurred a drive in me that flourished into the lover of literature and language that I am today.

Today, I have a growing library – both physical and digital – that propel me even further into realizing my full writing potential. I’ve created character after character and read the lives of thousands more to the point where I began to want to report the factual. I joined my high school newspaper and later continued to work on my college newspaper, The Behrend Beacon.

Journalism was and is the greatest way I imagined to bring my love of writing creatively closer to the real world and more importantly, the professional world. Reviewing music, film and literature was the first step, after which I began navigating news, opinion, and even sports. No matter how far I strayed though, the arts and entertainment always pulled me back in. I wrote review after review with ease, enjoying every moment I got to analyze universal content and share what I found with the public.

This has thereby become my goal. My dream is to review the Arts (film, music and literature alike) for whichever publication would have me. Having developed a recent love for podcasts, I’m very interested in online broadcasting as well with a dream to create a podcast/radio show that’s horror-themed. and Rue Morgue Magazine have carved the niche that I’d love to settle into.

Regardless of what comes next for me, those are my goals. Forever and always, I will strive for success and work hard to get there.


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